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"Oman Air Majan is the first ever ocean racing boat assembled in the Middle East in Oman's southern city of Salalah." - in Oman Sail

Length: 105 ft - 32 metres

Width: 54 ft - 16.50 metres across its 3 hulls

Mast height: 115 ft - 35 metres

Maximum sail area (approx): 5,920 square feet - 550 square metres

Skipper - Sidney Gavignet

"Based on the proven design of another trimaran, Sodebo, which is the holder of the solo North Atlantic record, the design has been tailored by multihull experts Nigel Irens and Benoit Cabaret for the needs of Oman Sail and their objective of training and developing Omani sailors to compete on the international stage." - in Oman Sail

"After a jump over a wave, a little harder than others, I heard a crack and thought it was the daggerboard, even if the board was higher than deck level which is quite high up. I jumped up and saw that the front leeward cross-beam was broken probably one metre away from the float. It was very, very quick, in probably 2-3 seconds. I eased the traveller. The float came out of the cross beam. I think it was still linked at that time with the aft cross beam, the float and the aft cross beam, but because the front was not linked to the boat, the boat just capsized almost and the mast at the horizontal and the platform was at the vertical. So I was pretty disorientated, but the damage was done.

"My first concern was to find my survival suit, life raft and grab bag. And I found that very quickly. I realised there was no massive panic because I realised very quickly that the boat would stay afloat and no water would come into the boat, because that was my first concern. So I put the survival suit on and called the race director."

Sidney Gavignet in The Daily Sail

"Capable of speeds in excess of 35 knots (65 kph), this giant trimaran is clearly among the fastest ocean racers ever conceived." - in Oman Sail

Fotos - Leandro Martins & Luís Correia

09 & 14 de Novembro de 2010

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Parabéns à equipa de resgate deste barco. Depois das imagens vídeo que vi, do mastro partido a fustigar o barco, julguei que se ia afundar. Afinal aqui estão fotos que mostram que até o flutuador solto foi recuperado !
O skipper foi salvo por um navio, desviado da rota para o efeito e mais tarde desembarcado em Gibraltar!
Um abraço
João Guimarães Marques