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"On the Atlantic is almost a sure sign of a nasty squall, and the prudent officer shortens sail in advance in plenty of time to take the brunt of the squall under low canvas. When within a day's steaming of Horta on the Island of Fayal, sail was taken in and steam raised, and the wind having hauled ahead, the ship steamed the rest of the way to port.

The sight of the green hills and mountains of the island was pleasant after the twenty-day voyage, and most welcome were the oranges, grapes and fresh vegetables for our mess. We found the fresh fish very fine, also. The native light wine of the Azores, particularly that made from grapes on the high volcanic Island of Pico, we found very exciting as well as wholesome.

No coal or other stores were taken on board at Horta, and after a pleasant stay of about a week we weighed anchor and steamed among the islands to the eastward, but making no stop. We passed in plain sight of St. Michaels on the largest of the group. The ship steamed the remainder of the voyage to Gibraltar, making sail to assist whenever the wind was fair and sails would draw, and made the run in about a week, anchoring off the Ragged Staff landing near the Naval Station."

by Rear Admiral R. R. Ingersoll

Photo - U.S.NAVY

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Anónimo disse...

Muitos parabens, os Srs. não tem aqui um blog, mas sim um "livro" de memórias, um "baú" de recordações. Grande trabalho, grande visão e que grande arquivo, força, continuem o excelente trabalho.

Luís Correia disse...

Obrigado, pelas palavras de incentivo, é bom saber que alguém reconhece o nosso trabalho.
Volte sempre.