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(dp. 287; l. 135'3"; b. 14'7"; dr. 11'8"; s. 14 k.; cpl. 20; a. 4 18" tt; cl. E)

"Skipjack (Submarine No. 24) was launched 27 May 1911 by Fore River Shipbuilding Co., Quincy, Mass.; sponsored by Mrs. D. R. Battles; renamed E-1, 17 November 1911; and commissioned 14 February 1912, Lieutenant Chester W. Nimitz in command. She was reclassified SS-24 on 17 July 1920.

E-1 continued important experimental development and training with the Atlantic Fleet for the next 5 years until 4 December 1917, when she left Newport for the Azores and different duty. From 12 January 1918, she patrolled between Ponta Delgada and Horta, protecting the islands from German attack and use as a haven by U-boats. She returned to New London, 17 September. After overhaul, E-1 trained new submariners and tested experimental listening gear."

in - Naval History and Heritage Command

Photo - Navsource

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amg disse...

bela descoberta!
(está «fora» da historia - que eu saiba - da protecção dos EUA aos Açores)

Luís Correia disse...

Segundo a fonte, já andava por cá em 1918 "espreitando" os U-boats.

J C Fraga disse...

Lógico. A 4 Julho de 1917 o submarino Deutschland bombardeou os arredores de Ponta Delgada.