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"U.402 damaged Steamer LLANGIBBY CASTLE (12,053grt) in 46-04N, 19-06W. Of 181 crew, 11 gunners, 1168 RN, RAF and military passengers, 26 passengers were lost. The steering gear and rudder was completely destroyed. German aircraft attacked her on the 19th and she arrived at Fayal, Azores the same day for light repairs. One crewman and one passenger were interned by the Portuguese at Fayal.

Destroyers WESTCOTT, EXMOOR, and CROOME departed Gibraltar on the 28th to refuel from oiler DINGLEDALE prior to escorting the damaged troopship.

WESTCOTT sank U.581 southeast of Fayal Channel in 39N, 30W on 2 February. Four crew were lost and 41rescued by the destroyer.

On 2 February 1942, the troopship departed Horta with CROOME, EXMOOR, WESTCOTT and tug THAMES.They were joined by destroyers LAFOREY and BLANKNEY, which departed Gibraltar on 4 February, and corvette PENTSTEMON, which was returning from escort duty. Destroyers LIGHTNING and WHITEHALL departed Gibraltar on 7 February, WISHART and VIDETTE from convoy OG.79 were ordered to join on 7 February. Destroyer WESTCOTT arrived at Gibraltar on 7 February. Destroyer WIVERN and the 37th Escort Group, just arriving with convoy OG.79, of sloops BLACK SWAN, FOWEY and corvettes BLUEBELL, CAMPION, CARNATION, LA MALOUINE, MALLOW, MYOSOTIS, and STONECROP departed Gibraltar on 8 February. All ships arrived safely on 8 February.

The troops on board were transferred to troopships ULSTER MONARCH and ROYAL ULSTERMAN for transport to Freetown. LLANGIBBY CASTLE was later sent on to the UK for repairs."

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