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"Since it was built in 1975 by the Institute of Ecotechnics, the Heraclitus has sailed over 250,000 nautical miles studying oceans, coral reefs, rivers, lakes, estuaries and exploring the origins and futures of human cultures."

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The Experience - Faial

"Azores was somehow plain but sweet and honest - quiet and humble people that did not make a fuss about anything.
A powerful volcanic landscape all around and the port of Horta has a small town feel to it - no wonder with a total of only 15000 inhabitants on the island of Faial - strange at first...

Almost shockingly different, especially after almost 6 weeks at sea and most of us got intoxicated more than once on vino, cheese, chorizo or nature....
There was some wonderfully unpretentious hospitality around and a favor, a ride, some free beer or wine or fish seemed to be a most natural thing - nice experience and somehow refreshing."

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Fotos - Leandro Martins

01 de Agosto de 2010


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