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"The BATRAL ("Light ferry ship") Francis Garnier (L9031) is the second of a series of five vessels. She was launched on 17 November 1973 and commissioned on 24 October 1974. She is the fifth vessel of the French Navy named in honour of the officer and explorer Francis Garnier.

The BATRAL vessels are able to ferry over 400 tons of matériel, in the hangar and on the deck. Loading and unloading can be done from a harbour or from a beach. Two flat-bottom vessels allow unloading 50 men and light vehicles each. The accommodations are designed for a Guépard-type intervention unit (5 officers, 15 petty officers and 118 men), or for typical company-sized armoured units.

A helicopter landing deck allows landing for light helicopters, and transfer from and to heavy helicopters."

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Length: 80 m

Beam: 13 m

Draught: 3 m

Propulsion: 2 diesel SACM Wärtsilä UD 33 V12 M4,

3600 hp (2650 kW), 2 4-bladed propellers

Speed: 16 knots (30 km/h)

Range: 4,500 nautical miles (8,330 km) at 13 knots (24 km/h)

Armament: 2 × 40 mm anti-air guns

2 × 12.7 mm machine guns

2 × 81mm mortars



Fotos - Luís Correia & Aurélio Vieira

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