quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010


"Blue Tarn is a Nicholson 35 Yacht. The vessel’s principal dimensions are 35’ 3" LOA, 26’ 9" LWL, and 10’ 5" Beam. By today’s standards, this design is purely a cruising boat, although when originally designed, she would have likely been considered a cruiser/racer. The hull features a low-aspect fin keel with a large, unbalanced spade rudder mounted on a full-length skeg. The 35 has a very attractive sweep to the sheer, nicely balanced overhangs and a low-profile cabin house that results in a handsome look that, although nearly 30 years old, does not seem dated or old-fashioned."

in - Bluetarn's Web Diary.


Foto - Luís Correia


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