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Cartaz cedido pelo Sr. João Quaresma

Fazendo jus, ao escrito no post anterior, ainda hoje o Faial continua a ser um nome muito conhecido no mundo do "Big Game Fishing", aqui fica o excerto que está disponivel no Wikipédia:

The Azores

"The small port of Horta on Fayal island is synonymous with blue marlin fishing in the nine-island chain of the Azores. The season normally begins in late June or early July and continues until weather conditions put an end to the fishery in mid to late October. Weather conditions can be unpredictable at the tail-end of the season but in midsummer when the area is dominated by the Azores high the seas can be very flat.

Although blue marlin can be found close to Fayal island, boats seeking blue marlin often select three banks that serve as productive feeding locations for these fish. The Azores sits in the northern extreme of blue marlin distribution and the fishery is dominated by large fish. 400 to 600 lb fish are average here and every year fish of 1000 lb and above are encountered. The Azores is home to Atlantic blue marlin records for, amongst others, IGFA 50 lb and 80 lb line classes."

O contraste está mesmo é na forma de publicitar a actividade como documenta as fotos, ou na evolução dos meios para a sua prática.

Fotos - Luís Correia


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