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Ao fotografar o "Nimrod", apanhei sem saber 4 embarcações envolvidas numa competição, ou seja, o "The Ondeck Atlantic Challenge", mas primeiro vamos à razão das fotos.

Year: 2001

Lenght: 24,5 m

Beam: 6,2 m

Max Speed: 12 knots


"Sailing yacht 'Nimrod' is a Marten Yachts performance sloop which has proved to be an excellent modern charter sailing yacht."




The Ondeck Atlantic Challenge

Quatro Farr 65 Ocean Racing Yachts, nomeadamente o "Spirit of Isis" (ao lado do Nimrod), o "Spirit of Minerva" (a seguir), o "Spirit of Juno" e o "Spirit of Diana".

Lenght: 19,74 m

Draft: 3,05 m

Built for racing whit practical interior.


"The Farr 65 is a beautiful yacht, large with elegant lines and a broad open cockpit. The yachts are ideal vessels to run bespoke hospitality, team development and racing programs. Depending on the programme the yachts can take up to 16 guests. Designed for high performance sailing, they offer easy and safe handling for the amateur but are racy enough to satisfy keen sailors. There is ample space for entertaining, whilst at the same time experiencing at the excitement and 'hands-on' thrill of crewing an ocean racer.
Only five of these yachts were ever built and Ondeck Sailing are the proud owners of four."

in Ondeck International Sailing Fleet


Fotos - Luís Correia


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